D.H.Q Hospital’s Obstetrics/Gynecology department is the busiest and sought departments. It has now achieved the status of a referral centre. It caters for all the major and advanced conventional surgeries and also has a full range of endoscopic surgeries (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy). Fluoroscopy of fallopian tubes and mammography are also available. Our supporting Pediatric Department is laced with hi-tech neonatal ventilators. Babies as small as 26 weeks are successfully delivered and survived. Epidural analgesia, and antenatal/intranatal fetal monitoring are available round the clock.
(1). Normal labor / assisted deliveries
(2). Cesarean sections
(3). All major gynecological surgical procedures
(4). Endoscopic gynecological procedures both diagnostic and Therapeutic
(5). Family Planning
(6). Infertility
(7). Management of normal / complicated pregnancies

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